When is the Best Time to Book Maternity Photos?

Pregnancy is can be an amazing and magical time during a woman’s life. It can also be a time when women’s minds are filled with a million questions. What will my baby look like? What will my birth be like? What should we name the baby?

One of the questions that a lot of women ask me is “When is the best time to book maternity photos?”

There are a few considerations to keep when making this decision.

When should I schedule my maternity photoshoot?

Most women should contact their photographer between 12-20 weeks to schedule their photo session. Photoshoots should be scheduled for between 28 – 34 weeks pregnant. I recommend this timeframe because pregnant bellies are usually nice and round, but women are not usually too uncomfortable to be able to withstand posing and some of the physical exertions required for photo sessions.

When should I schedule my pregnancy photo session if I’m carrying multiples or I’m high risk?

If you are carrying multiple children, I recommend that you schedule your photo session between 12 – 18 weeks pregnant for when you are 24 – 30 weeks pregnant, with the permission of your physician. This earlier timeframe allows for more flexibility in managing higher risk situations that may arise later in your pregnancy. For those carrying multiples, your belly will be big enough by 24 – 26 weeks gestation for your session.

Please speak with your physician and your photographer about any physical limitations or special concerns during your pregnancy photoshoot.

Maternity photoshoot by Legacy Photography by Whitney in Tampa Florida

What should I expect between booking my maternity photoshoot and the session date?

This is a great question to ask your photographer! Many maternity photographers (including Legacy!) will spend the time between booking your photoshoot and your session date planning backdrops, scouting locations, and planning your wardrobe. Whitney at Legacy Photography by Whitney schedules individual consults with each pregnant Mom to discuss their dream pregnancy photo session in the Tampa – St. Petersburg area.

Classy maternity photoshoot in St. Petersburg Florida

What should I expect the day of my pregnancy photo session?

For maternity sessions with Legacy Photography by Whitney, you can expect to meet your hair and makeup artist at our Main Street studio approximately 2 hours prior to your photo session. This will allow most hair and makeup artists enough time to curl and style your hair and apply your makeup. However, if you have special requests like hair extensions to be added, please discuss these details with your HUMA ahead of time.

Once styled, you can expect to take a short break for a snack and drink, then to get dressed in your first wardrobe piece. Maternity photoshoots typically last 1-3 hours, depending on the complexity of your shoot and which package you have chosen.

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When is the Best Time to Book Maternity Photos?

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