Underwater Maternity Photo Shoot | St. Petersburg Florida

I have felt the water calling me since I was a child.

I grew up on the banks of lakes and rivers of the American South. Whether it was clay fights on the river banks of the Black Warrior River in Tuscaloosa, vacationing in Destin, or SCUBA diving in the Keys, the water is where I have always felt at home.

While it may seem logical, being comfortable in water is extremely important for an underwater maternity photographer. Combining the usual technicalities of proper camera settings, angles, and posing with the challenges of being in water can be difficult. With proper experience it makes for beautiful and dramatic maternity portraits.

Whitney a photographer dressed in snorkeling gear with her camera in a pool for a maternity photoshoot.
Whitney dressed in snorkeling gear with her assistant and a pregnant Mom

The Rainbow during the Storm

I first got to know Sarah briefly in a local Mom’s group. After a few e-mails, phone calls, and text messages, I got to know her story better.

Clearwater Mom Sarah was pregnant with twin boys Jonah and Jackson earlier in her pregnancy. Sadly, Jonah passed away in utero around 20 weeks gestation. However, Jackson continued to grow and thrive. Sarah chose an underwater maternity photo shoot to help celebrate her pregnancy with Jackson and journey through loss and hope.

Here are some of the photos from a St. Petersburg underwater maternity photo shoot.

How to book an underwater maternity photo session

Booking an underwater pregnancy photo session is easy. You can reach out to Whitney at Legacy Photography here. After completing the form, Whitney will contact you to discuss the specifics of timing, location, wardrobe and other important details to prepare you for your magical day.

If you would like to have your makeup done in preparation for your photo shoot, our team of hair and makeup artists is ready to serve you!

Wondering how to prepare for your session? Chatting with Whitney is the first step, but you can also read about how to have a successful maternity photoshoot in 5 Ways to Have a Stress Free Maternity Photo Shoot.



Underwater Maternity Photo Shoot | St. Petersburg Florida

St. Petersburg Underwater Maternity Photos

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