Newborn Session FAQ: Top 5 Questions Answered

Hi, I’m Whitney! I am owner of Legacy Photography by Whitney, a maternity and newborn photo studio serving Tampa FL parents.

Here are the answers to the top 5 questions that parents of newborns ask about their photo session.

1. When should I book my baby’s photo session?

This is what I tell my clients: reserve your session around 20 weeks pregnant.

Why? This is when a lot of parents have begun making plans for their baby showers, planning nursery themes, and may even know the gender of their baby. Many parents have had a 20-week anatomy ultrasound and have formed a mental identity of their child. All of these milestones help parents to communicate what they are dreaming up for their newborn photoshoot.

Wondering when you’ll be 20 weeks along? Here is a great pregnancy calculator!

2. How do we know date to schedule the photoshoot?

We all know that babies arrive on their own timeline. That is why veteran newborn photographers pencil in estimated due dates and ask that parents stay in touch with them. Once your birth is scheduled (in the case of a scheduled c-section or induction) or you go in to labor, expectant parents should reach out to their photographer to let them know. Families will finalize their session dates once baby’s arrival date is known.

3. What should we bring to our newborn’s session?

I always provide a list of items to bring for your family and your child when coming to my studio. They include diapers, wipes, plenty of formula and bottles if baby is formula-fed, and a pacifier for the baby. If the baby is breastfed, pumped milk in a bottle may be helpful but is not at all necessary.

It is important that each family speak to their photographer to know what they should bring and what they should expect during their session.

Here’s is how to get in touch with me!

4. How old should my baby be for their photo session?

The answer to this question also varies by photographer.

I prefer to photograph full term babies between 6 – 12 days old, OR 21 – 30 days old. I find that babies younger than 6 days old cluster feed and have not yet adjusted to life outside the womb, making posing and photographing more challenging. I also find this to be true for babies 13 – 20 days old.

However, just like us, every baby is different and there is no proven “sweet spot” regarding age. It is most important that families be mentally and emotionally ready for the process rather than focusing on the age of the baby. After all, there’s no bad age to photograph a baby!!!

5. What if my baby doesn’t sleep?

This is the most asked question from newborn parents!

Sometimes despite our best efforts to provide a warm, quiet, sleepy environment, babies just don’t sleep.

The answer: it’s okay! Babies are cute when they’re awake, too.

Babies who do not sleep well during their session can easily be photographed professionally while they’re awake. Their cute expressions, rolling eyes, and uncoordinated reaches are precious.

Have more questions? Reach out!

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Newborn Session FAQ: Top 5 Questions Answered

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