Clearwater Baby Photographer || Cora’s Newborn Session

Beautiful baby Cora came to me at 2.5 weeks old. Mom and Dad had contact me after her birth to schedule a photo session as soon as possible. So I penciled her in as quickly as I could and we got to work.

What a peach this little girl was! She slept through a few poses for me and then became curious to wake up and look around. After a feed or two, she settled in for a nice nap while I wrapped and rewrapped her in blankets and bonnets.

With her little eyes peeking open now and then, I was able to photograph her curious disposition for her family to treasure for years to come.

It’s always fun to see babies wake up and look around toward the end of the session. Sometimes I even get lucky and the look straight at the camera!

Cora even tried to roll around a little bit as she studied the studio lights.

Clearwater Baby Photographer || Cora’s Newborn Session

Clearwater Newborn Photographer
  1. Caralee Case says:

    Oh my goodness these images are so beautiful!!!! I love that you captured her eyes open too, looks like she already has a fun personality!

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